Click the shopping cart logo at the
1.lower left corner of the picture of the purchased single item, and it will jump to the payment interface automatically.

2.Continue shopping, click the "continue to buy" button, and the shopping cart icon at the top right corner of the homepage will show the total number of items purchased.

3.To complete the purchase, click the shopping cart logo in the top right corner of the homepage to enter the payment interface, and click the "Checkout" button below to enter the payment process.

4.You can choose to be a registered member for the first purchase.

5.To be a registered member, should fill in your personal name, private email and phone number, set transaction password, and complete the distribution address and mode of distribution as required.

6.The mode of distribution can be either self-delivery or delivery by us.

7.To be a register in the next time shopping, you only need to fill in the email number and shopping password on the payment page to enter the payment process quickly, and the system will default the delivery address. 

8.You can also choose to be a guest and not be a registered member, the payment operation is same as the first operation process as the member register.

9.We only have one picture and one price for each product. If you choose one of a set of products or different sizes of the same products, but there is no corresponding price online, please contact our customer service immediately. We will set the corresponding price for you to upload and inform you to place the order.